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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2004|08:06 am]
im in school with joe romandi and farrell lenoble in the library and were all being ghey and updating our live journals , school is long and hard like a submarine full of seamen. im hungry and i want to go to sleep from waking up early.peace the fuck out
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2004|11:57 pm]
work is boring
this whole summer is like constant repetitiveness, i mean its pretty fun tho i guess. work is annoying tho, i chill with people during hte day , then go to work
or i go to work and then chill with people after, work is like my friend now that i chill with , i dont like it, but it has money, its a vicious cycle but its all good. we had band practice lately a bunch its sounds really good, and did i mention i work alot and its annoying, maybe its cause this week has been long and ive worked all nite time and not morning to mid day. then i go later to see ali cause i love her and then i go home and work the next day. with crazy old people and crazy annoying people who buy food. buyt old people are nice cause theres cute old people couples and they got old and wrinkly together, idk. i wanna move to long beach for college and its gonna be good. ali bought me dinner tonite randomly for me when i got to ashleys, i didnt get to tell her that was really nice of her, even tho i had just ate, but yea. just wanted to say that. k peace out
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2004|06:48 pm]
ok, whoever signed onto my name and wrote that, well thats pretty much what i would write , cept contrary to popular belief, i have not drank in a week and a half, so besides that yea/ i had work today so no drinking besides the fact that i dont have any alcohol left anyways. and this entry was written while i was at workso it couldnt have been me. but i did the other part of the fake entry so yea , so its all good. k bye

today was such a good day i chilled with my friends and ali<3 and drank and crazy shizz like that

i <3 ali xinfinity+3219873216721376
mr penis
i love ali
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2004|10:42 pm]
these weeks have been really random, but pretty fun
yesterday was really nice ali woke me up and then later she called and said she didnt feel well and wanted me to come over, so i went to her house and she made me the ill sandwich and i just layed down with her and soda and talked and it was really nice and made me happy cause i love her. then i left before her brother and sister got home and went to meet alex and evan and spanky and andrew and we ate chinese and smoked and stuff, then got a ride to alex's and chilled there all nite, prettt fun.

today i woke up to ali again and went back to sleep alot of times, then met val, met spanky, then talked with em, then went to see ali for like 10 min, but it was nice. met alex and andrew and val and smoked alot then got chinese food, then met ali and lauren and greg cioffi and went to alex's and chilled, it was cool. i feel like i didnt get to really talk to ali today and i really wanted to before i left, cause idk, and now im gonna have this feeling of incompleteness driving upstate, sux.
im going upstate for 2 days to my camp tommarow for visiting day, i know ill have fun but i think id rather be home, k cya bye

my pimped out phone is the porn king ha
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.... [Jun. 22nd, 2004|11:04 pm]
i am a product, i am a symbol of endless, hopeless, fruitless, aimless games i'm a glossy package on the supermarket shelf my contents aren't fit for human consumption i could tragically injure your perfect health my ingredients will seize up your bodys function i am the dirt that everyone walks on i am the orphan nobody wants i am the staircarpet everyone uses i am the leper nobody wants to touch....much i am a sample, i am a scapegoat for useless, futureless, endless, mindless ideas. i am a number on the paper you file away portfolio you stick in the drawer i'm the fool you try to scare when you say "we know all about you, of that you can be sure" i don't want your crazy system i don't want to be on your files your temptations i try to resist them cos i know what hides beneath your smiles, its.........est i am a topic, i am a subject for useless, futureless, endless, mindless debates you think up ways that you can hide me from the naive eyes of your figurehead but don't you find that it ain't easy? wouldn't you love to see me dead? answer is to give me treatment for crying out when you give me pain leaves me with no possible remnant poke your knives into my brain you send me insane i'm an example, i'm no hero of the great, intelligent, magnificent, human race well i'm part of the race that kills for possessions part of the race that's wiping itself out part of the race that's got crazy obsessions locking people up, not letting them out hate the living dead and their work in factories go like sheep to their production lines live on illusions, don't face the realities all they live for is that big blue sign it says, it says ford i'm bored, bored, bored, bored
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2004|11:41 am]
last nite was cool, we got alcohol and stuff and went to pisses. i got stuff for ali's suprise picnic. then i went to laurens house and ali had made me wait so she could finish her collage of pics of us, it was really cute.i heart her. :) . and she made me a card too. and i got her mozzarella stixx, made a salad myself, got subway cookies, stuff to drink, and a sandwich. ali liked it. and we sat in laurens backyard and ate and stuff it was really nice.shes so nice and appreciative. like shed rather eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that i made myself, than a gourmet meal form a restaurant. well maybe not that, but u get the point. its sentimental.andrew came over and the 4 of us watched movies for the rest of the nite. and lied down. very fun day and nite.
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2004|11:08 am]
last last saturday - hung at andrews

last last sunday - went to the toxic narcotic show in the city, hung out with lots of people, brought carlos home

week - hung out with carlos, gi-joe, andrew livoti, alex, evan, piss, and spanky alot, and drank alot.(gotta stop that)

friday - lauren steins sweet 16 fun, everyone got drunk, was funny. crazy dancing and free food, went back to laurens later, then i fell asleep for a few hours then me and andrew went to my house and he slept over.

saturday - went to andrews house, we all drank and smoked, me and andrew met mike and danielle and suzie, then me and andrew met lauren and ali. then i stole prizes for ali and lauren, then we went to suzies, then to laurens and chilled on the trampoline for a bit. was a nice day.

sunday - tutored greg cioffi , got in the car, went to andrews, played guitar, ate chinese , picked up spanky, got ices, they smoked, met alex, greg went home, met piss, they smoked more, ate more food, went home

monday and tuesday - last days of school, fun

tuesday - went to andrews, went to ruby tuesdays with my parents for my sisters birthday, went to lauren steins house with andrew , ali came over, hung out for a bit, then i went to long beach for this guy daves 25th birthday party, drank with alex and evan went home.

wednesday - went to long beach with mike and spanky, drank way too much, like fell asleep everywhere imaginable, im not drinking for a bit now. i just messed up taking too much too fast, so now ill punish myself, for a bit. i knew i was sick wehn, after falling asleep for the last time on the beach for 2 hours, me and spanky went home and mike came by to get me and spanky later that nite, and had tons fo alcohol and i turned it down. i love free stuff and i said no, thus i was damn sick

thursday - walked ali and lauren home, i love how i leave out taking any tests cause school = ghey. and then ali left , me and andrew hung out at laurens and watched finding nemo and shizz, got chinese, got a ride to his house, alex, mike, evan, val, and trish got a ride there. we hung out then went home

friday - walked ali home, was nice, anne is ghey, and makes ali upset, and she is nice to everyone and doesnt deserve that. especially when anne complains that ali is a bad kid, or that her brother is older and doesnt do what she does. her brother does drugs, thats liek anne is telling her that since u dont do drugs u dont get the privaleges ure brother gets. shes so hypocritical and thats ghey. anyways. i met greg cioffi after watching soda for a bit. drove and picked up andrew, spanky and amanda came. then we drove around random places for a while then gregs car died. then we went to philly cheesesteak. then darin sax drove us to andrews and party at andrews, tons of alcohol that I DID NOT DRINK cause im stopping for a bit. nite was nice.

today - hopefully hanging out with all my friends. wanna take ali on our date thing when she gets off from babysitting. then parrty at piss's house cause his parents will be out till a while.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2004|10:49 am]
[mood |thinking]
[music |suicidal supermarket trolleys - shut up and drink]

umm memorial day weekend was good

thursday - jenny grim and tom's surprise party.

friday - ryan's for band practice, andrew livotis house, val evan rob alex spanky and andrew were there, silver lake, chinese food, lauren steins house to meet her and ali.

saturday - michelle, ashley, mike, andrew, alex, and spanky came over, we drank some people smoked, went to the under the bridge spot. sprayed some shizz, went to michellese house, ali and lauren came. walked for food. me andrew ali lauren and spanky and alex went to my house, alex slept over.
went out that nite at like 2 i guess and met evan and josh and sprayed and they smoked and i drank.

sunday -
andrew, mike, spanky came over, we all went got food and to the bridge, made awsome spray shit. got more cans, sprayed more, met rob devil, got mroe cans. went urban exploring and found awsome abandoned buildings, one which would turn out to not have been abandoned ha. me up with ryan, bobby, gi-joe, evan, and val. we all split. me and alex went to michelles. ali and lauren and ashley and michelle were there. mike , andrew , spanky came. we went to the traxx again and fucked around. went to go get food. walked ali back to michelles. walked back to traxx, chilled, met mike, we went home.

monday - tutored greg, went to michelles, ashley was there too. chilled for a bit, dan came and went. me and ashley went to laurens and met up with lauren and ali. watched a walk to remember ha. then ali went home. then ashleys mom drove me and her home. piss and alex were waiting at my house in my basement for 45 minutes when i got there. went with them for food. under the traxx. they smoked. we chilled, ate more food. then everyone went home.

week - was fun, nothing that exciting. but nice to see everyone.

friday - went to ryans for band practice. then to andrew livotis house. ashley was with me. we got a ride from jess and vikki and christina. went to andrews. mike and andrew and spanky were there. got food, came back. drank. lauren and ali came. chilled. mike murray came. more chilling. we all went home round like 11:30 or something, mike gave us a ride. i hope ali's not in trouble, her stepmom is crazy.
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2004|10:57 pm]
awsome weekend

friday - school, band practice, spankys house, mafia pizza place, upon arriving at trish's house, spanky , alex, val, ali, ashley, lauren, amanda, evan, mike jewboy, andrew oi scout, and andrew livoti were with us. had another drinking party, fun stuff. dancing to shitty music is the shit.black lady kicked us out, then me ali lauren both andrews and mike gelfman went to andrew livotis even tho it turns out the black lady let everyone back in and started drinking too. we just chilled at andrews and went home at like 11:30. (while walking to andrews ali said today that i saw some kids and was like " i challenge u to a duel" ha idk,)

saturday - woke up, was about to shower, and val calls, says shes coming over, she comes over and stays in my basement with my sister as i get silky smooth and clean ha. then we eat philly cheesesteak french fries, alot of emm , and ices. then we go to livoti's house. mike robin, piss, and evan meet us. we start drinking. go to silver lake where we meet spanky and amanda, a bunch of them smoke(not me of course anymore) gerbal and donhey were there , they were funny. we went to the chinese food but on the way, found a skittles vending machine thingy and smashed it,ate the candy, and found 50 bux in quarters which paid for like all 10 of us's (if thats a word) food and for more liquor later in the nite. went to livotis, ali and lauren came, we walked to trish's. another drinking party, ate lots of food. was a nice nite, my friends are awsome, and funny, and messes at the same time.

sunday - tutored greg cioffi, me and him met spanky, ate food, went to laurens , ali was there too, played by pool, hamock, trampoline, with them and the weee little kid peoples ha for a bunch of hours, went to get ralphs italian ices.met alex. went to laurens. then we left, andrew livoti and spanky left 2. me and alex walked around, ali walked her dog with us to piss's then we met piss, walked on the train trax and stuff and talked, got free chinese food, free huge iced tea, chilled by the train station, got my hair kinda cut, not finished yet, went home at liek 1130 or somewhere round there. darin sax <3's picking us up, its weird.ha

my friends are da shizz ha.
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2004|09:05 am]
yesterday = more bleach in my hair, trish's house, mafia pizza place, 120105105 bottles of free assorted beers and malt liquors. (some were uncarbonated, i hate carbonation, so that was even better) i<3ali,massage, funny stuff, ha, spanky, andrew livoti, rob, evan, val, trish, rachel, justine, tom, arianna or something, lauren stein, pootey, tom flynn, lots of random other people. fun nite, now wedding today, ha im wearing a suit :) ha. cya bye
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